Tips On Your Plants In Winter

Simple Tips To Help You Prepare Your Plants For The Winter Months

When winter comes, it’s time to bring your houseplants back indoors. There are also outdoor plants that may need some extra care and consideration to be able to weather through the winter well. Even hardy natives will do better with a bit of preparation. In thispreparing plants for winter article, we’ll discuss some simple tips to help you prepare your plants for winter. Read on to learn more. Houseplants If your houseplants are sun lovers, you may want to transition them gradually into the house. Move them to a shadier area a couple of weeks before you plan to bring them in. If they will need repotting, do it now so that they don’t have to deal with the stress of being repotted and moved inside all at once. Set them up in a sunny place in your home with a fluorescent light or a grow light. They should be near a window for light, but if it gets very cold where you live, don’t put them too close to the window or they may get a bad chill. Perennialsn Most perennial plants that are native to an area do fairly well on their own; however, you should trim back very bushy plants, shrubs and trees in the early fall. This will help give them less surface area to freeze. Be sure your perennial plants are well watered as you transition from summer to fall to winter. Plants and trees that are thirsty will experience more freezing damage than those that are well watered. Annuals Annuals that grow from seed year after year can simply be cut back to the ground after they have shed their seed. This will prevent your having a yard full of dead, frozen plants. You can cut the pieces up small and mulch over the seed if you like to nourish the new plants that will grow in the spring.

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